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Management of solid waste is a complex process and we adequately cover all domains of solid and liquid waste management. DCC Infra Pvt. Ltd  have been working in the arena of MSW landfill management for the past 3 years. We have successfully executed and are still working on numerous LSTK (Lump Sum Turnkey) projects for complete landfill sites and dumping grounds. Here are a few areas of landfill operations we have been working in:

Municipal Solid Waste, MSW Landfill O&M: Our efficient dumping methods along with scientific management have made several landfills usable. We have also conducted work on safe closures of landfills as well as building new scientific landfills from scratch.

LSTK (Lump Sum Turnkey) projects for landfill management: This involves the operation and maintenance of corrosive materials, old solid waste, and fresh solid waste.

Bioremediation methods and bio-mining at landfills and dumpsites: They are carried out in a manner to reduce the emanation of foul smell or odor at the landfill and also control the proliferation of flies and other disease-causing insects.

Leachate treatment: Some specific steps and procedures are followed to reduce the accumulation of liquid that drains from the landfill.

Manufacturing Solid Waste Segregation Plants: A solid waste segregation plant built using a ballistic Separator, Trommel, conveyor belt, and other machinery. For more information, visit Zero Waste Recycler.

We use heavy equipment like bulldozers and excavators, in the management of landfills. Bulldozers and other equipment is used to shift, separate, and segregate huge amount of solid waste in the landfill. Our repertoire is replete with the management of Municipal Solid Waste landfills (MSW landfills), which were old, unorganized, and crammed beyond their capacity. Our efficient dumping methods along with scientific management have made several dumping grounds and dumpsites worthy of use by transforming them into new landfills capable of accumulating more waste hence reducing the burden on existing MSW landfills.

We have rich experience in undertaking complete landfill contracts, right from operation & maintenance to shifting, separation, leveling, and eventual dumping of waste. We are providing brand new HBXG bulldozers for Solid Waste Landfill management equipped with Solid Waste Blades to carry more waste and protect the front radiator and special triangular track plates or low ground pressure plates for easy movement of a bulldozer in a landfill Management.

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