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Excavators are one of the important construction equipment used for excavation, digging, dredging, demolition, and material handling. An excavator consists of a boom, stick, bucket, and cab on a rotating platform (known as the “house”). Modern hydraulic excavators can be distinguished on the basis of the number of booms the machine has, and are prefixed with the terms mono boom, knuckle boom, compact or triple articulated booms, depending on the number of booms they have and the corresponding load the machine can handle. Excavator machines are basically used in the digging of land mud, material handling, river dredging, construction and then loading into dumpers and trucks.  

There are also many other attachments that are available to be attached to the excavator for boring, ripping, crushing, cutting, lifting, etc, it moves with the help of a chain track instead of wheels which makes it more stable and efficient. Due to its chain track, it is best for to machine to use in hilly areas as it will not get slide down easily during its work.

Since it comprises a bucket, these machines are also used in the handling of various materials and execution of jobs like coal mining, coal feeding, ash loading, ash dams, coal stock power plant landfills and waste management

We provide one of the best excavators/Poclains in the industry on hire or long-term lease, manufactured by eminent companies like Tata, Hitachi, JCB, Cat and Komatsu. We provide competitive rental rates which have made our clients trust us unflinchingly when it comes to hiring and renting machines.

Along with the earth-moving machines given on hire, we also provide skilled technicians and drivers who have several years of experience in the field. Our technicians and drivers are capable of working day as well as night shifts and can successfully complete field contracts within the designated time. We appreciate that customer satisfaction can only be ensured with an up to date maintenance to ensure the work ability and safety of the excavator, which is well demonstrated by our equally efficient on-site service and maintenance, which can range from a complete overhaul of the machine to a part by part service of the undercarriage, cooling system, electrical system, instrumentation, and other attachments.

Model WeightMakeEngine HPBucket Size (CUM)Operation Weight
PC200-6KOMATSU134 HP1.05 CUM20 TON

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